Disabled Adaptations


We provide a service that is exactly tailored to your needs. Sometimes this will include a “one stop shop” solution in which we design, project manage and provide the construction services. Alternatively, we are equally at home bringing to life the designs of your architect and solving the day to day issues that arise during the building and alteration works.

Our experience includes:

  • Remodelling properties including structural alterations
  • Kitchens and en-suite bathrooms
  • Wet Rooms
  • Stair lifts
  • Ramp installations
  • Grab rails, Hand rails
  • Other “one off” specialist features


Our management processes include:

  • Liaison with Medical professionals to ensure the installation meets the resident’s current and future needs.
  • Liaison with the Social Services, where required, to maintain the Residents Welfare.
  • Design process/Liaison with Architect /liaison with the Resident.
  • Risk assessment of the work to be undertaken and ensuring all identified actions are put into place to limit the risk to the Resident, visitors, operatives and the environment.
  • Project Management throughout all stages to ensure comments and feedback are included into the final design, all work is carried out to a high standard with due regard to the welfare and health & safety of the Resident.
  • Monitor the Customer’s Satisfaction throughout the contract to ensure any adverse points are corrected immediately.


Our clients include:

  • social landlords
  • local councils
  • private homeowners

Typical Contract

One of our major contracts was to adapt a bungalow for a seriously disabled client. This involved working closely with the architect to ensure the internal structure and openings within the bungalow were suitable for a motorised wheelchair with fitted respirator.

The first part of the contract was to provide support for the roof trusses while the internal walls were removed and the new layout proved to ensure it provided the access required and then constructed and re-checked. A special wet room was built to provide adequate room for the motorised chair to be turned round and provide respirator support while taking a shower. A low level kitchen was installed with all appliances and work surfaces accessible from a wheelchair.

The electrical installation was also specifically adapted to provide access from a wheelchair with the unique additions of an automatic recharging station for the wheelchair and a back-up generator which started automatically in the event of a mains power failure.

The floor was laid to ensure a smooth transition throughout the bungalow and the outside.

During the work Steven Holdings Ltd worked closely with the architect to ensure problems were resolved quickly and cost effectively to minimise the impact on both the programme and costs.

All work is carried out in compliance with current Building Regulations and, where structural work is undertaken, the Building Control Body through the local authority building control services normally undertake monitoring to check compliance to the regulations.

Free Design Service

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